Draining Fuel Tank On Dauphine
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    Default Draining Fuel Tank On Dauphine

    I would like to drain the fuel tank on my dauphine G and remove some very stale fuel and no doubt other crap. Is the exercise as simple as removing the drain plug which seems difficult to get to or does the tank need to be removed from the car . Any advice appreciated cheers


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    It's a while since I had anything to do with one of those tanks, but if I recall correctly, it's just a matter of removing the protection plate (if fitted), then the drain plug, and rinse out.

    I guess the next question is whether to add some kind of proprietary corrosion inhibitor when you clean out the tank. Can't give much guidance there, probably a good idea to look carefully at what comes out - unless there's rusty water I suspect you'd probably be OK. But I recall a chap in a local car club who had problems with (believe it or not) remains of rats' nests when he put his restored car on the road but apparently didn't adequately clean out the tank!

    As always, Murphy seems to get involved in these things, so it might be as well to expect the unexpected.


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    Medical tools can come in handy sometimes ie
    An arthroscope down the fuel filler to check the condition of the tank
    interior. Seriously if you can find one for a day its worthwhile.
    If its really scummy fuel with water in it, then rust may be an issue
    and it may be worthwhile removing the tank. See what comes out when you
    drain it and if any lumpy bits exit it may be worth the effor to remove and

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    Default Crud in petrol tank

    An old remedy for cleaning moisture/water out of fuel tanks was to pour in a bottle of metholated spirits before draining the tank and flushing with new petrol.

    The metho helped combine and absorb the water droplets making them easier to remove from the tank.

    Have never used it myself as i usually remove a tank completely to clean it.


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