Help needed with Renault 21
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    Icon5 Help needed with Renault 21

    I have a Renault 21 3Sp Auto.
    It currently has no Auto or Reverse.
    Engine goes but no drive after being turned off.
    Oil level and transmission filter OK.
    Change from Park/Neutral to drive and nothing happens.
    Does anyone have a possible fault diagnosis?
    Anyone have any ideas.


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    3rd and reverse use the same clutch pack (1st and 2nd using the other). Sounds like the clutch pack has worn out. Could also be oil pump failure. On a less dramatic note, it could also be an electrical fault, but less likely.

    I have a renault factory manual for the MJ3 I can phototcopy and send to if you like - it has very good fault diagnosis tables, and shows you how to check the solenoids etc. If you can get one (I have a spare for an R25 with the same transmission for sale...), swap over the computer and see if thats at fault. But if the computer fails, it should go into limp home mode, which is 3rd gear, so it sound more like a mechanical fault or dud solenoids

    This is all assuming you have checked the obvious stuff like power supply to the trans computer (fuse good?). If all else fails, I have a good low ks transmission for sale out of a car I was going to restore, but it is going to cost more than it would be worth...
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