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    Default Kangoo test

    As some may remember, the printer I work for took delivery of a Trafic van late last year. At the time managment indicated that a Kangoo may also be purchased to replace a Holden Combo. Well yesterday we got our hands on a Kangoo manual to test in real world life of a printer delivery van.
    Spunky but strangely dated, when compared to the new Megane etc at least. Good sized lights and bumpers. Door handles easy to grab while the odd sized barn doors are great! Slideing side door a godsend, one on either side would be better. Smooth roof skin easy to keep clean.
    Load bay-Standard fitted rubber mat is good, as is lower side trim. Rear wheel arches same width as the rear doors so if it fits the door it will fit in the back, something most vans can't do. Down side is lad bay a bit small compared to the Combo, old shape. Also the tiedown hooks aren't on the side so may end up under the load. Worse still is the load gaurd. A full cage/partion is much better/safer then a simple hoop.
    Cabin-Good seats, clear dials. Painted metal door tops low rent, likewise exposed torx screws on dash top. Power window switches in door pockets look like an after thought. Intergrated left foot dead pedal a nice suprise, being able to fit my size 9 steelcap even better! Fixed steering column a minor issue, as is no height adjustable seat. Good storage with lidded glovbox above open shelf with a large bulldog clip on dash top. Large lipped shelf above windscreen very usefull while door pockets have can holders, not sure if standard can will fit. Rear view mirrors are a tad small while the driver's side is a split convex, that is the main section is slight conves while the outer bit is more so.
    1.6L 16V, not 1.4 as mentioned else where, very zippy. Clutch feels OK but lack of torque caught me out, used to the 250Nm of Trafic , Gear shift very positive, almost notchy. Engine loves to work. Brakes feel crap. Very long and spongy pedal takes getting used to. Steers well and nice ride. Suspension coped with approx 300kg with little effect. Needs 95 octane which hurts, company has 5 Lexus which all use Shell optimax so another won't be noticed. Smaller operators be aware though.
    Not a bad little van. Ours will be an auto so interested to see how that works out. I suspect that more then 1 will end up on the fleet.
    Now to convince the boss that I need a Master to complete the full set.

    Le van man.
    Renault trafic L1H1 comfort. Almost full windows and fully sign written.

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    Interesting summary; thanks for that irsa.

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    I look at the Kangoo as a modern day interpretation of the R4 and having painted metal door tops and exposed screws adds to the olde world charm. Having driven the passenger version in europe I found it very practicle, no rocket ship, but still a pleasure to drive.
    Being 195cm tall (6'5" in the old money), I do not fit in the Clio or Megane range (except for the Cabrio when the roof is up! but that ain't no practicle family car) and as a result I was forced to buy a Holden Barina which has as much room as my wifes Commodore!
    If Renault Australia had been selling the passenger version of the Kangoo I'd be driving one today!
    Cheers Renomad

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    If Renault AUstralia had brought out the automatic 4X4 version I would be driving it too.....

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