Not the real thing, sorry, but I received a some models from Belgium this
morning and the IXO model contained some of the new lines coming out
that I thought renault model collectors here may appreciate. They include,

a nice looking blue Renault 4CV #46 J.Sandt & H.Coatalen as
driven in the 1950 Le Mans


a grey 4CV #57 C.Hardy & M.Roger in the '49 Le Mans

plus the 1979 Bruno Saby R5 Gr.2 Monte Carlo car.

These IXO models are only 1/43rd scale but very detailed, very collectable,
and cover a huge range of cars. I get mine from 1/43rd dot com in Belgium
and they are great to deal with. So what did I get today I hear you ask?

All 1/43 rd scale (I do collect some 1/18 scale but only certain types so I
don't blow my credit card apart). The manufacturer is inside the "- -"

-IXO- FIAT 131 Abarth, the Mikku Alen car which won the 1979 1000 Lakes

-Norev- Renault Clio Paris Police Car, yep complete with lights on top

-Renault- Renault Clio 1.6 Privilege

All in nice rigid plastic presentation boxes to protect them from my rapacious
2 year old nephew when he comes around