Tip in relation to RSC fuel line
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    Default Tip in relation to RSC fuel line

    Due to my own lack of calculation in fuel consumption, I managed to run my RSC out of fuel yesterday afternoon. I pulled over on the side of the road as the throttle cut itself parked on quite a slant horizontally with the car pitched about 15 to 20 degrees to its left and about 20 degrees nose pointing up the slope.

    A mate came around with a jerry can within a matter of minutes and gave it a good 7 ltrs of 98octate. When i tried to start again, it refused, coughing and spluttering, idling at around 800rpm hard, then dropping out. I immediately thought there is too much air in the cylinders and not enough fuel. As I was for intents and purposes in the middle of no-where, I decided to call the 24 roadside assist. They immediately dispatched the NRMA.

    Then I had an idea - I took the handbrake off and let the car roll back down the slope a couple of meters and more to the left where the ground was more level horizontally. Once the car was closer to being level, I started her up and away she went. I rang and cancelled the NRMA dispatch.


    It seems the draw on fuel form the RSC tank, when there is not much in there, is more to the right side of the tank than left.

    Thought you fellow RSC owners may like to know.
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    One tank...
    Lismore (carrington St) to 1km short of the hornsby turnoff on the freeway

    still told me i had 2L left

    NRMA... yeah, i've run outta fuel....

    also had 80L of water & fishies in the boot!

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