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    Default fuego :chalk and cheese

    I just picked up a new fuego and compared to my old fuego,I cant believe the difference in the motors.My old motor was like a ford 4.1L six. heaps of low end grunt ,pulled real hard from 1200 to 5000 rpm, then hit the wall and would pull no further. the new car has nothing until about 3000 rpm, then the fun starts up to about 7000 rpm.would probably go further but I'll get to know the car before I do that.
    I'm puzzled how two identical motors can be be so different.
    P:S. I am wrecking the old one If anyone needs stuff in Sydney.
    PH 0415 632 786


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    Perhaps one had the original AUS spec low compression pistons in it, whilst the other has been rebuit with a set of Euro spec high compression pistons?

    Or someone has been played with the timing, shifting the TDC sensor to advance the timing making it go harder?

    City car versus country car?

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    Sometimes it depends upon how the car was driven over its lifetime - driven sedately the anti-pollution gear seems to set everything to that style of driving whereas if you get one that has been driven to the max through all gears then it seems to have more sparkling performance.

    My son claims that when he drives my cars for the first time, it takes about a week to blow the cobwebs out of the motor (but I must admit the cars do seem to run better, much smoother through the gears etc)

    Also his car and 86 with power steering has much better get up and go in second gear and as far as I can see (without stripping the gearboxes down) that they both should have the same ratios. Must admit that I don't try to outdo and out accellarate all the other motorists on the road, so I do probably drive more carefully?? sedately than my kids.

    I run on the Old TRX still and both kids have U beaut mags and low profile tyres which may give them an advantage over the old guy!!


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