Renault 12 springs
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    Default Renault 12 springs

    We have a 77 12 sedan. Drivers side is lower by some 40 mm front and rear than other side unlaiden.It could do with heavier rear springs. When loaded it is well down in the suspension. Any sugestions appreciated.


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    Jeff, standard comment is to fit R12 wagon rear springs to the sedan, which are slightly thicker wire. Alternatively, you could try getting your originals reset by a place that can re-temper springs. I've heard that this isn't always a long term solution, though.

    For my R12 wagon, I needed more load carrying capacity. I took the originals in to WA Suspensions and told them what I wanted. They very helpfully went through their spring specs books and came out with a few alternatives. They were happy for me to try one, and bring it back if I wasn't happy, which I did. All of the alternatives were 4wd springs, interestingly, due to the length, I suppose. Anyway, I ended up with Lovells Nissan Pathfinder rear raising springs, which are an EXACT fit and about 1.5mm thicker wire. They are quite a bit stiffer and spoil the ride a bit, but the rear no longer sinks on accelleration, and the car is much better to punt around. This is with the stock anti-roll bar.

    If you go down this track, there are three things that affect spring stiffness - number of coils (less = stiffer), wire thickness, and coil diameter (smaller = stiffer).

    Hope that helps a bit


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