what does it do???
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    Default what does it do???

    On the Fuego inlet manifold,closest to the firewall, there is a valve thing about as big as a flat tennis ball.What does it do(what did it do)


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    It has been a long time since I looked at a Fuego, but would say it is the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve. Has it a 12mm pipe from the ex manifold connected? It should also have a small vacuum line attached at the top and be bolted to, or have a pipe going to the inlet manifold.

    It is a fuel emission device that I admit to blocking the pipe off with a large aluminium rivet, to leave the device in position, but have it inoperative.
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    That thing is the Exhaust gas recirculation (E.G.R.) ( I think I mistakenly called it the ECU in another post) You can test if it is still in working order by placing fingers from both hands under the unit and pressing the internal valve upwards - often the valve will be jammed and not move, but it should move upwards as you apply pressure. If it is jammed then it is not working!!

    The unit is hard to remove from the inlet manifold, you would probably have to apply some heat to the aluminium of the inlet manifold after undoing the two nuts that bolt it down and then try to prise it loose. there is a metal tube that comes from the exhaust manifold around the rear of the engine an d terminated in threaded coupling at the EGR unit.


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