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    Default second hand fuego

    My mate just purchased a fuego and i was wondering if anyboby has or know someone with a good second 2 litre engine or a good recondtion one.
    the one he currently has is all seized up.
    he paid $400 for the car on ebay
    or does anyone know what other engines fit in nicely?

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    There are plenty of Fuego engines about. In fact most specialist places find it hard to sell them because the motor is basically indestructible.

    That said, poor maintenance and attention (like failing to change the cam belt at 100,000 km intervals can cause major failure as the valves hit the pistons etc) The cam belts only cost $25 to 30 dollars, and a few hours to change (if you know what you are doing) so its false economy not to change the cambelt when you get the car unless you KNOW that a new one was recently fitted!

    There is at least one renault specialist secondhand part place in Sydney ( I can't recall its name, but a Fuego owner in Sydney should be able to steer you to them) Best to buy a motor that you can hear and see running, no weird noises, no excess smoke or signs of bad oil leaks from the rear of the head. There will be signs of minor oil leaks in the vicinity of the fuel pump and possibly at the cam ends. Watch also for signs of overheating water staining etc also.

    If your mate is serious about doing up this fuego, make sure he gets hold of a Hayners workshop manual as most jobs can be done by mechanically minded owners with help from the manual and by asking questions in this forum. Many such questions will already have been answered in previous posts and can be found using the search facility.

    If he has got the room, he is probably better to buy the whole spare car and keep it as he will get the whole car for less than he would pay for the engine and other individual parts from wreckers over time.

    New parts are easily sourced in Melbourne and I used to spend a lot of time at Pick-a-part wreckers where you can get to pull apart fuegos and learn how they are put together without making mistakes on your own car!! (just don't unnecessarily destroy good trim parts that someone else will probably need )

    From what I recall from the Ebay add, the owner described it as a runner, I'm surprised its seized up now, or did your after he bought it.. Anyway an engine changeover is not the end of the world, just delays your enjoyment of the car.

    Over to the Sydney owners for specific locations/advice.
    Good Luck!.


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