Are Renault 19s any good?
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    Default Are Renault 19s any good?

    There seems to be a lot of 19s for sale that have low kays and are in good condition. I know they are supposedly pretty bland and boring, but I don't mind them from what I know about them. They seem like a pretty cheap way into a relatively modern, well-equipped froggy.


    How are they for reliability and servicing costs? Did we get any 16 valve models here?

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    I had a 1995 renault 19 chamade automatic and loved it. I drove it to qld and back and they are like any car if they are maintained they are reliable and great. Personally I prefer a late series 2 car if you can get one.
    Last time i looked there were swags of them for sale in the tradingpost. Must be people ugrading to Clio's or something.....Id look at one the are a french nissan pulsar but remember they are way better than anything around that era i think....

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    No 16 valves sold in AUS. Probably take one for a spin and see what you think, they are certainly no fireball in the performance stakes. Also avoid automatic trans, they are more hassle than they are worth.

    Best buys are the later Phase 2 versions with the 1.8 litre motor and stiffer body. And the pick there would be a manual trans Baccara with leather trim, alloys etc. As for being cheap, I don't know they seem to be holding their value fairly well for a so-called orphan. Most still seem in the $5-8K mark, which for basically a 10 year old car is pretty good compared to Corolla's and the like.

    Usual things, look at service history as the motors and radiators have a history of coolant corrosion if it isn't changed regularly, change cam belt every 100,000k's.

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    While a servive history is a good start you don't know if crap oil was used.
    Just do a compression test as well as the rest of the visual inspection.
    We bought one some years ago with over 100 000 k's and the compressin was a bit over 180 PSI on all fours

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