hey all,
i`ve got a few things to ask so bear with me.
1. I wrote a while back about prices for a clutch an im gonna b doin it in the nxt few weeks, well my mechanic will, while his boss in on holidays hahah, (yes im pullin a shifty!!) Wat i wanna ask is if anyone has any info i/he should know before we start doin it, my baby is a 1991, r19 txe series 1, if anyone can think of anything i need or should do while its being done this would help, all suggestions welcome
2. while im doin this im thinkin of doin the belts at the same time, its done 150000k`s, just clicked over an the drive belt has a few small cracks in it, the timing belt is under the cover an as yet i havent looked at it. if i should b doin these aswell or the best time to do them would also b a help.
3. Does anyone have any idea where i can get a cheap or second hand light an blinker assembly for my car. It happened about a month back, i would turn from park lights over to drive an there`d b nothin goin on eg the headlights or the light on the console. i took it to me auto electrician who ripped it out an reset the springs inside, as they had popped out, 3 hours work for a case of beer, i was pretty happy, but the bad thing is, that it happened again, he said its not worth tryin to fix an that a new one would b better. well u can understand my prob, i thought finding a cheap clutch would b bad, now ive gotta find this assembly. i havent made any calls yet but im hopin a wrecker in sydney might have one or the bloke out at granville but i dun really wanna ship one up from caravelle. advice would help hear aswell

anywayz, those are my 3 problems for the month, and seeings as i have insurance and my skoolies cruise to pay for, im in deep sh*t. if u can answer any or all of my questions you would be helpin a lot
thanx pplz