Clio air bags revisited
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    Default Clio air bags revisited

    I'm still swapping air bags in clios,(3 of) I'm told that the air bag control unit, in console, can only be fitted to one car , it reads the Vin , and can't be changed, is this so?, if so, is it the ECU on the engine that does the ID of the control unit?? Im thinking of swapping 1.6 engine, cpu and air bag unit from one car to another. appreciate some advice, also is it only Renault that can reprograme cpu units, or are private places able to do this work, I have one car up and running, after swapping air bags an stuff it was u connect the battery, no you do it, nothin happened, that was good.


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    That's what I've heard too. It is part of the security measures of the car. The computer "imprints" to the car when it is connected new. For that reason you need the proper diagnostic computer to analyse any problems rather than just trying popping in a new ECU to see if it is the ECU is causing the problem. Any ECU that is connected up cannot then be used on another car.

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