Jacking up a CLIO.
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    Default Jacking up a CLIO.



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    Does the jack still hook and hang from the hole in the sill like Renault's for many years?

    Just wondering if it is placement of the jack that is a contributing factor. Instead of hanging the jack from the sill and letting it dangle while winding it up, just before the jack touches the ground, push the jack base slightly, not the whole jack, towards the centre of the car using the thread so the base isn't quite parallel to the ground surface, as the car is raised the car then starts leaning over and the jack contacts the ground without leaning over.

    I'm thinking that the jack is wound out, contacts the ground flat, then leans in. When the car is then lowered to the ground, the car forces the jack in the opposite direction and creases the jacking point and sill.

    It seems Renault are making a tradition of dodgy jacking points, Renault 8's and 10's with dented sills where the jack slipped out, early R4's with a swivel based jack. Will they ever learn!!

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    Mine's got that "feature" too :|

    doesnt have a hook on the jack though, just bends *slightly* on the first time i did it, hasnt bent anymore since...

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    that is really quite scary stuff. Imagine having to jack up the car in France on one of those freeways.
    With very fast C5 and others racing past you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsydney
    that is really quite scary stuff. Imagine having to jack up the car in France on one of those freeways. With very fast C5 and others racing past you....
    Image the jack toppling over and part of your body caught underniegth .. with all this previous evidence I'd say a law suit is a certainty.

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    For the record, no part of your body should ever be under a car that isn't supported by proper stands.
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    In the posting, the guy mentions jacking the car up to change wheels for a track day. If he was doing this regularly, I would have thought he'd have been using a proper hydraulic jack for the job, rather than the "get out of trouble only" jack. My suspicion is he's done it a number of times and effectively "worn out" the emergency jacking point.

    This is not to say it couldn't be made better, but you could understand from a manufacturing point of view that the added cost to make a jacking point stronger - which some people may never use - could be justified.

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    hasn't happened to me yet, although I have only done it 3 times. 1 once to change teh brake pads, once to rotate the wheels, and once stopped on the side of M4 in a real life emergency... the previous 2 however I used a trolley jack on the same points. The M4 tyre puncture ran flat one i had to use the supplied jack... the msot scary bit was when you are turning the thing to jack up the car, bits of metal are carved from the tiny little wire they give you to turn the thing, I was wondering if there would still be a piece of wire in my hand by the time the car is uped properly.

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