ok i have posted this here aswell... i just didn't think it would get the exposure needed on a car forum sitting down there in a trading post area.

When I got the Clio I was fortunate enough to get the F1 pack... in the pack I also got a awesome Renault F1 watch, however I have no need for the watch as for my 21st birthday I got given a family tradition we have amongst all siblings, a watch.

The F1 watch comes in an alloy chest, with latch with Renault F1 team embossed on the lid.

The watch is of high quality and has a 2 year warranty with it. It still has the plastic film on the face, as I have never used it. Also on the underside it has a F1 car etched into the clip. Is really nice and detailed.

It really is a high-class watch. Make an offer.


I have taken pics of it.