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    Default koni Vs stock

    HI. I am about to tighten up my front end with new shocks, bushes etc. I'm wondering if I should replace the front with the french originals, or consider looking at those orange konis on ebay.any thoughts.....?


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    Default What car do you drive?

    You will be getting entirely subjective responses from people on this subject as it is really up to each drive and what they want out of their car.

    First what sort of car you you have?. How do you drive it, do you drive long distances, city driving?. What do you want out for your car?

    All these questions have to be asked, then of course depending on the car you can see what's around. Like my old R15 that I race, drive on the street, I used koni's that are matched to new stiffer springs and sway bars, I get a hard, very firm ride that is resposive, great for driving but not good for everyday use, or say long bone jarring trips where the surface of the road is important.... for a smooth ride :-)

    I think that if you have a old car it's always good to replace the shockers and springs with either new factory items (if you can get them) or third party alternatives, I don't care how many people say that putting in new shockers in a 15 year old car with old springs is a good thing, get the whole package done as you are only fooling yourself.....trying to save money and only being half assed.

    But if you have a new car, say like the RS Clio their suspension is so good out of the factory it's hard to say if you need to touch it at all, that when you have to really think what you want out of the car. And how the price of a factory spare part compares to the third party alternative.

    One place to talk to in Melbourne is Top Performace who deal in "koni"
    Ric Kemp really knows his stuff, having been in the industry for so long and having raced various cars he will be able to ask any questions you have, and give prices etc.

    Top Performace
    1 Trade Place Vermont Melbourne 3133 03 9873 1722

    Hope that helps a bit, you will get a wide range of views here, and you will have to weight up what you want out of your car in the end, what ever that car is.............
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    sorry for being too breif.
    My car is a fuego and I fang around the city and suburbs.Drive very hard and on some roads,very fast.

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