Routine Mysteries of the R19... ignition, & fan behaviour
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    Icon11 Routine Mysteries of the R19... ignition, & fan behaviour

    My 1992 Renault R19 TXE, now fitted with a replacement engine and said process much-delayed by the almost-expiry of the owner's 'engine' (i.e. heart- i kid not) has now developed a great reluctance to start.
    It will turn over easily , and almost fire, but sounds/behaves at times as if 'flooded'. Note that it is multi-point injected 1721cc F3N engine.

    On the next (eg the 2nd) occasion the ignition is switched on the electric fan decides to come on and stay on. This is obviously to cool the engine from its dangerously high temp which is probably about 30degreesC if that.

    Does this type of behaviour suggest anything in particular familiar to others? Mr Haakon?

    OF COURSE if it were one of those strange 'foreign' cars given to odd behaviour like heater fans that come on only when the headlights are turned on and refuse to turn off no matter where their switches are switched....I'd be surprised. But I'm not, yet.......
    Any advice welcome.
    (wollongong nsw)


    PS and then there was the tray-top truck which backed into its FRH panel this morning.

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    Sounds like the coolant temperature sensor (on the back of the head on the thermostat side) is defective, or maybe the thin wires going to it's connector have broken internally. Also check the engine earths, there is one going from the RH lifting bracket on the head to the firewall, and an earthing strap from the transmission to the LH chassis rail.


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    get colliers automotive in granville to look at it. David will know straight away what it is and it really could be quite simple..

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    Ah,yes, the coolant temp sensor,
    it did seem like the right suspect but on removal looked OK and the problem didn't respond to a replacement. Now I admit the sensor's wiring could still be the problem and Daniel's advice to ring Collier's was worthwhile (tho he doesn't make Illawarra house calls).

    It so happens that my joking reference to the odd behaviour of the heater/aircon fan might be relevant - David C mentioned that the engine fan ought to switch on every time the aircon is engaged. It prefers to be much less predictable.
    I'll have to have another look at the earthing points.....

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