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    Default Renault Service Rant

    Just thought I would share my experience with a Sydney Renault dealer. I have a Scenic which is (was) under new car warranty.

    1st Trip - brake lights would not operate thus causing cruise control to not disengage when brake applied.

    They checked it and I was told it was the cruise control wiring. (CC was a non-genuine part). Had my bloke check it and established it was a sticky brake light switch which is what I told them the problem was in the first place. Fixed it myself.

    2nd Trip - centre console went blank - no radio, A/C etc. Took it in and they replaced fuse. I couldnt find the fuse responsible myself.

    3rd trip - centre console goes again - took it in and they blamed the non-genuine towbar putting too much load on the fuse. I asked what load? They replaced it with a bigger fuse - hmmm seeing a pattern here.

    4th trip - low transmission oil leak on o/s engine sump - noticed it 4 days before 3yr warranty runs out. Rang up and they booked it in for day after warranty runs out and said it will be covered by warranty.

    The missus made the trip in - waited around all day only to find out at 3pm they couldnt fit it in that day. They told her it was engine oil - even I could see it was very thin and had to be transmission oil or brake fluid or something like that.

    They told me to come back about 10 days later and they would have a courtesy car available. Lucky it wasnt me they told.

    I returned 10 days later and picked up the courtesy car and went to work - at least I got to drive a Megane (1.6 though).

    Got the call around 3pm - transmission fluid leaking from the CV seal - we need to wait 2 weeks for the part and oil to come from France can you bring the car back please. Oh, and by the way it will cost you $250 to repair.


    I will leave out the next 5 minutes of conversation as there may be children reading this.

    Anyhow, the megane is in the driveway and the manager gets back from his break tomorrow when I will be discussing this with him.


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    Mate, take this right up to VDA, an earlier posting mentioned they are doing a "service survey" at the moment (which is good news, it appears they are aware of servicing complaints)

    There are some shocking dealers out there, and they aren't all Renault either.

    I find it interesting to read CAR magazine - the "Long-Termers" section, where they keep the cars for a significant period, get them serviced etc.

    They've had a few shockers, from brands that you would expect a LOT better service from.
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    another appalling story that should not be happening......

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