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Thread: Fuego?

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    Default Fuego?

    Heya fellow froggers!

    Ive been reading through some of the posts related to Fuego's and now i am wondering what they are like to own? Just a few questions about them:

    1. Are they cheap to run?


    2. What are parts like to obtain and are they expensive?

    3. What to look out for when buying one?

    4. What commonly goes wrong?

    5. Common faults?

    Thanks alot!

    Cya Stalled
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    This is a bit of a repeater set of questions. But here goes...

    1. Fuego is cheap to run.
    2. Most parts are obtainable either good secondhand or new from Caravelle.
    (Ken Bailey, (03) 9890 9061, 14 Rowern Court, Box Hill North)
    3. Done to death in previous posts - check.
    4. Ditto.
    5. Ditto.

    I think that I have answered those last questions in detail at least twice since I joined the board, and others have added their peculiarities encountered. The Fuego is an excellent Renault that enthusiasts enjoy and one that still has the credible looks and performance to hold its own against todays cars. remarkable since they haven't been made since 1986!

    A well maintained Fuego is a delight to own AND drive.


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