Hi guys,

I've heard some really good reports about the B&M quick shift / short
shift kit for our cars.

I've decided that I want one and seeing as though I'm bringing one in
I thought I'd see if anyone else was interested.

If we can get 5 confirmed buyers, the cost will be $400 all up
including shipping to Sydney. Anyone not from Sydney I will post to
you (at your expense) by any method you choose. If we can get 10
buyers the cost will come down another 5% or so.

We are very lucky to be getting them for this price - K-tec in the UK is selling them for 182 pounds (about $480 AUD) and this is before any shipping costs:

Here is a link to some details on the B&M website:

Here are a couple of pics so you can see exactly what we will be getting:

Even though it is for older model Renaults, it will definitely fit on
our cars - plenty of 172 owners in the UK have fitted them.

I'm going to place the order in one week so anyone that wants one had
better pipe up otherwise you will miss out. From when I place the
order it will be another 2 weeks before I'll have them ready for
pickup in Sydney.

If you want one I'm going to ask you to deposit $100 (not refundable)
into my account, the remainder payable upon delivery. As I'm going to
be forking over money in advance to buy these, I need the $100 to see
some commitment that you will follow through with the deal. Otherwise
I'm likely to end up with a whole bunch that I'll have to try and
sell later.


Anyone interested email me here and I'll give you my account details.