Fuego = Australian Classic Car
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    Default Fuego = Australian Classic Car

    Howdy all,
    I haven't been on this site for a while, so I don't knw if everyonne is already aware of the fact that there is a write up of the Renault Fuego in Australian Classic Car magazine for June. My dad bought it for me yesterday. It gives a nice little bit of history about Renault and the Fuego, saying some very pleasant things about it. There's some rather big pictures of some chap in Adelaide's very snappy Fuego.
    And there's a quote " But back in 1982, Renault released a car that looked to have everything going for it. The Renault Fuego was a good-looking coupe with adequate seating for four, dollops of French style, the usual excellent Renault reliability and ride and acceptable perfromance. They sold well, but today, it's rare to see one on the road. However, like so many overlooked models, the Fuego makes an excellent classic car, and is modern enough to use daily."
    Well I'm off to use my 'modern' & 'classic car' 'on the road' to go pick up a tie rod end and rubber doovilackers for the anti-roll bar. As Molly says, "Do yourself a favour." and pick up a copy at the newsagent.


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    That reminds me, I must wash my "classic car" today......

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    I bought the article, and a Fuego (not in that order), and think it's a fair description of the car. I wouldn't say it's that rare though. Of all the older Renaults that are on the road the Fuego must be the most common.
    I guess I'd appreciate my 'classic' Fuego a lot more if the *%)#&en thing wasn't playing up and I could actually drive it.
    Anyway, that's why god invented weekends, so you can fix cars.
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