Laguna 2 2 change from 17inch wheels to smaller 16?
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    Default Laguna 2 2 change from 17inch wheels to smaller 16?

    My diesel Laguna is great and has worked out well as a member of the family.

    But, one of the rims is bent. Not so bad that you can feel all the time, only when on very smooth road you can notice.

    So I will need to replace that rim, which got me thinking.


    The 45 17s are really not suited to the type of driving we do. In sealed roads, pot holes and freeways.

    It would make sense to me to go to a smaller rim and a higher profile to take the jarring out of some of the rural roads we use.

    Can anyone recommend a replacement? Ie would a megane's 16 inch wheels fit? With a tyre like a 225/50R16 would give about the same diameter and same width.

    Would a 16inch Megane have the right offset?

    To me they look like very similar cars just a different set of panels. I don't have the Renault experience to know if I'm on the right track. Sorry pun.



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    Some of the Laguna ii's came out with 16" rims, its to dark out side to see what tyre is fitted to my spares car.

    Maybe your best avenue is to go to the wreckers and just purchase a set of rims off a Laguna ii that are in good condition, you may also be lucky enough to score a good set of tyres as well.
    Regards Col

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