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    Default Renault R16 Headlight Question

    Well, having driven my French 1967 R16 in the UK now for almost three years, I thought one of the tasks for this Spring would be to finally install UK spec headlights.

    However, there are no arrows on the headlights now and even the parts book apparently makes no distinction between RHD and LHD until 1971, when they switched to H4.


    Is it true that the early Bilux headlights from 1965-70 are indeed the same regardless of RHD and LHD?

    I must say the dipped beam does look rather symmetrical when driving by night, what a gentleman actually never should do.

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    Does the headlight housing you have on your car have a little plastic tab at one of the recesses where the lamp goes in? If so that is what forces the lamp to sit either in a LH drive position or RH drive position. I'm not sure about the differences in the globes and if that has changed things.

    I have however bought 2 new LH drive head lights for my 21Turbo from Bulgaria and I did the lamp angle change for our RH drive country by snipping the tabs on the globe itself and clamping them with their clips so that the beam is tilted to the correct angle and it passed the Warrant of Fitness test. (In NZ the car has to go for a WOF every 6 months).

    Hope this will help.

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