Hello all,
I am in need of a front right brake cylinder and flexible hose for same. Does any know of a local supplier? New parts only as I don't want to re-visit the job too soon.


Another question - this might be obvious to R4 owners, but its been a while since I owned one so I'll ask it anyway - what way do the anchor plates on the torsion bars need to move to raise the car slightly? at the moment the car I just took delivery of has the front ones swung completely to the outside of the car, but the suspension seems too low. Is it a simple matter of swinging them towards the inside of the car and finding a suitable hole? Similarly, which way do the rear plates need to move to raise the car a bit at the rear?
I have several manuals , but they don't seem to use simple language like, "Left to raise car, Right to lower car". Am I being too simplistic, or just plain dumb?