HI All,

Apologies first if not the best forum section... Essentially I am seeking feedback on a series of warning lights I got yesterday afternoon driving home.

Red spanner/service light came on and stayed on.
First was the check autogearbox - in red box/text - then changed to white box/text
Second was check ESP stayed in red box/text
Third was check fuel injector stayed in red box/text

I left the car at home as only 10 mins away when lights came on. I noticed it was not a responsive and it seems to idle differently but was still driveable. A couple of hours at home I put in the keypass and the car did its check but came up as OK and when checking the menu options states "No new messages" I did not start the car at this time.

I waited a couple of minutes and did this again and go the same OK and restarted the car - went through all the gears a couple of times and reversed down the drive and brought it back up - at no time did I get the red spanner light or any warning messages as per above.

My car has done over 160000, as it is a Megane 3 Privilege 2010/2011 build. Is this the car having a moment or was it heat related as it was pretty hot driving home that afternoon (though has driving when very hot before) or something more costly!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am not driving the car at present so is parked until diagnostic on Friday.