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Thread: R8/10 Gear Knob

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    Default R8/10 Gear Knob

    Does anyone know how to remove the factory gear knob off a R8/10 gear stick without destroying it?


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    They are pressed onto a knurled shaft. If I recall - it's a long time since I removed one that had never been touched - I did it with medium-sized multi-grips with the knob wrapped in a thick layer of cloth so that I didn't mark the surface. A bit nerve-wracking but the knobs seem quite strong half way along. I wonder whether freezing it would help shrink things or make the plastic harder and therefore make the job more difficult? They press back on OK but are never again quite such a tight fit, again in my limited experience of doing it.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Angelo,

    I am faced with exactly the same problem as I need to fit the rubber gaiter.
    In its day, I believe the procedure was to smash the knob and fit a new one.
    John W's suggestion is worth a try.
    I have thought of a few cunning but unsatisfactory alternatives.
    Cutting the gearlever just under the knob and drilling both ends and threading
    to insert a suitable stud with locktite.
    Cutting the gearlever at the base and rewelding it back.
    Carefully cutting the gaiter on the mould line enough to clear the knob and
    gluing back together with superglue.
    Or fitting a new golf ball knob with matching pom poms from the rearview mirror.

    By the way, the handbrake lever worked a treat.

    Thanks. Steve

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    Sounds like the R8/R10 gear knob is attached the same way as the R12.

    What I have done before to remove the gear knobs is to use a piece of wood with a slot cut in it that is the same width as the gear leaver shaft and use a hammer tapping upwards on the piece of wood to knock the knob off the shaft.

    To replace the knob, I have just glued them back on with Araldite
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    Regards Col

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    Thanks I have a few options to try.
    I know itís possible as I have seen a knob on its own and undamaged so it must be possible

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