16TX gearboxes
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Thread: 16TX gearboxes

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    Default 16TX gearboxes

    I had a 16TX gearbox years ago, stupidly sold it with a car.. Anyway, I’m pretty keen to get 5 (forward) speeds into my 16TS.
    There was a story I was told years ago that somebody in Melbourne had brought 6 TX gearboxes in from the UK must be over 20 years ago... apparently they turned out to be in a pretty bad way and of the 6 only 2 could be resurrected. Does anybody have any recollection of this? Anybody have any idea on the whereabouts of the remains of these?
    Otherwise, has anybody got any ideas of availability of 385 (or ng5 if they’re more plentiful) in UK or other countries?


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    See my thread from about 4 days ago about one on UK ebay. Sold for GBP410. No idea how you freight one out here. It was sold, but at least gives you an idea of the approximate value.
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