R10 Brake Caliper Rubber Kit?
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Thread: R10 Brake Caliper Rubber Kit?

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    Default R10 Brake Caliper Rubber Kit?

    I know this may have been discussed somewhere in AF forum.

    I recently ordered a brake caliper rubber rebuild kit for R10 (65-67 round eye) specifying the square type seal.


    Low and behold, I received a set (x4) with the round type seals.

    My question, can they be interchanged, or best to stick to what was in it (ie square)?

    If I have to go a square seal, are they available anywhere in Australia in kit form or otherwise (as opposed to getting them from France again)?

    If someone has a square set and they want to swap for a round seal set, I would also be interested.

    These are the calipers i have, I recall there was some type of marking on them that corresponded to the correct seal to use?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have a set of squares for you that I can throw in the mail. Just say what you want to do.

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    PM sent

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    I've been ignoring the calliper markings for decades with no problems (using square seals in whatever callipers I've had on the car). I think your third photo is the one with the mark that matters and the casting shape on it (a square) suggests square seals. Are the other callipers marked in the same way? Previous owners could have fitted different callipers. I know I have from time to time.

    In your shoes I'd prefer square seals. I really don't know, and no-one has ever explained to my satisfaction, what the difference is in the shape of the groove that accepts the seal of a particular shape. I've not experienced it, but some have found the piston loose when pushed through the seal if supposedly the wrong profile.

    We'll be interested to hear the outcome I've no doubt! Good luck.

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    I have used either seal type depending on what was available to me at the time. Deciding what the casting indicates is often not clear. I have also had the " loose seal fitting thing " and changed to the other type. Not sure which way it was now. Currently my Floride S has round. One had a slow leak but was replaced with another round one. I would prefer square I think, but the round were very tight to push home this time.
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