R8G 1134 wiring diagram
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    Default R8G 1134 wiring diagram

    just wondering if anyone can help me as my workshop manual doesnt have a wiring diagram.


    The ones I have found are too difficult to read and have numbers next to the components but no description and as the wiring was already disconnected in places its hard to know where to start. I also dont know what all the switches on the dash do. I will be buzzing them out but it would be much easier with a diagram to start with.

    If any one has one it would be much appreciated

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    There does not seem to be any wiring diagram published by Renault for either the R1134 or R1135.

    The closest thing would be an early R1135 wiring diagram in the RTA (Revue Technique Automobile) manual for the 8 Gordini R1134 & R1135 available from France (yes, it is in French), even then on that diagram there are no colours - and if you try to use say a factory R8/10 manual, for even the common items like light switches the colours don't correspond (at least on an R1135). The RTA diagram shown the routing of wires, and can be useful. I've loaned mine out, and am yet to see it back (15 or so years), so I can't post up a copy of the pages :-) It is a good book though, and certainly worth buying.

    Also note than your R1134 may not be standard, a few of the ones I've seen have additions like the voltmeter where an alternator has replaced the stock generator - so your car may be similar. The R1134 has only a few switches on the dash, so it sounds like yours may have a few additions.
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