An Renault Service nightmare !
In Feb 2018 the ABS system broke down ( this includes ESC, TC, Hill Holder, Soft ground mode and ECO gear shift indicator ).. Fault Code : Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit.
The sensor was found faulty , demaged by stone or debris.
In the following 12 months the speedsensor was repeatedly replaced then the ABS module, then all the relevant ABS looms ( on advice of the techn. department of Renault Australia in Melbourne )...
But the fault reading remained the same.
Spare parts were repeatedly ordered from France, but none on Express order. Again and again I had to wait 4 to 5 weeks for follow up work.... ( On a Car Road Safety Issue !! : criticized then by Fair Trading. )
The fault was a bit of a tricky one. With that new module installed it was the following:
All functions would work for a while, but on longer drives one would notice a strange crunching type noise from the ABS modulator when the foot was just touching the brakes... With more brake action that got worse and eventually the System would shut down and the ABS/ESC Alarm lights come on. Braking after that would be perfectly allright ( non of those noises any more) . When the car was switched off for some time ( 2 hours or more ), the System would reset itself after some 500 m of driving. But would fail soon again.
Renault neclected my info about that strange noise and the need for an longer testdrive.
Renault Melbourne had already adviced for the ABS Looms to be replaced.... It took long and did nothing.
Fair Trading got involved, Rectification Order issued, a Technician from Melbourne came up.... Now finally they hooked up a diagnostic tool and did a long test drive, until they noticed that the speed reading from the left rear WSS dropped slightly off , and they noticed then that ABS module action noise.
What it all came down too...? THE GAP between Sensor and magnetic pole ring !! Sounds like a joke, fixed in a few minutes... It is assumed that the stone originally damaging the sensor did also dislocate the sensor holder slightly..
For Spare parts and Service and Customer Care Renault gets half a star out of 5 from me...
Otherwise, the car is not to bad... consumption 5.6 L ( 50 % AC, about 300 kg in my camper modification).
Engine Performance is good, Handling very good, Interiour good enough , lots of storage..and its looks different and has the safety features, but furtunately not the ones impaired drivers need these days .

Happy Motoring