R25 fuel guage....
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    Default R25 fuel guage....

    Well, it had to happen eventually - I've been going on about how reliable my R25 electrics are for so long that its finally started to play up

    Its been a bit erratic in how much fuel it reckons I have. For example, it went from empty, to 68 litres, to 24 the next morning (and correctly counted down the 4 litres I used that trip, to 6 that arvo, to empty ("warning - fuel level low"...) to 27 this morning.


    I'm thinking sender unit, as with each fuel level reading it gives an appropriate distance to empty so the actual computer should be OK. I am crossing my fingers that it is a dud connection somewhere that is giving erratic OHM readings from the sender unit.

    Who has had experience with the sender units out there?
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    Have you tried doing the diagnostic sequence on the trip computer (ie disconnect and reconnect battery, switch on ignition to see all the trip computer segments light up, then press the bottom "selection" button on the right of the dash to bring up diagnostic mode).

    Check the fuel level reading, and apparently if it displays "4 litres" then there's a continuity issue with the wiring from the sender to the sender "computer" hidden in the boot. If it displays the correct fuel level, then I don't know what's going on, could be that the variable resistor in the sender is dirty or something.

    Hope this helps.

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