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    I have rather foolishly embarked on some rust repairs to the Floride. Things would be easier (read cheaper) if I could track down a donor boot floor and a donor left hand door.


    Any suggestions/leads out there?



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    somewhere! Pilbara, Bowen Basin, Melbourne?


    The only person that might have a door is the bloke who came to the French car festival this year from either Ballarat or Bendigo, canít remember his name but perhaps someone can help with contact details.
    Boot floor is a problem, there was someone years ago in Europe making internal and boot floors on autotitre but donít know if any are still available or at what price. Best bet would be to get one made here.
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    Maybe 12 years ago a guy with a metal shaping business in Brisbane, made a new boot floor for a very nice blue Caravelle that was sold not too long ago. I made the formers for his roller to make the correct size grooves (30 x 10mm?) for the floor. I expect there are people in Melbourne that can do the same work. After the floor was put in by a true panel beating tradesperson, you would never know it had been been replaced.

    As a sideline, this same metal worker made a complete new aluminium body for 1938? Auto Union racecar. Took him about 2 years part time. I saw the car under a cover, but was not allowed to remove it. I think he was worried about the lack security he had, given it was worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, although I doubt there is anywhere in the world you could sell it.

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    I made a die to suit the grooves in an R10 floor and from memory the plug was exactly the size of 3/4 inch gal water pipe. There was a flat space in the middle for the rubber bung. I used my 20 ton press to press out the floor in two pieces. I have to replace the front boot and floors in my R1092 Floride and will use a similar method. I need a right hand door if one is available.

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