New 1.3 Turbo in Captur
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Thread: New 1.3 Turbo in Captur

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    Default New 1.3 Turbo in Captur

    I have always liked the Captur which has great space in compact dimensions.Previous versions have had a 1.2 Turbo with 88KW ,alhough the Megane version was 98 KW.
    Just helped a friend buy a new one with a 1.3 turbo that the auto writers say has been developed in conjunction with MBenz.
    Unbelievable performance 110 KW and 250 NM of Torque,that is 10 MN more than my Clio RS 200 Turbo.I hope this engine finds it way into Clio and Megane models!

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    Small turbo engines no longer the realm of the Japanese. Huzzah.

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    Perfect for an R12 eh, Bowie?
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    He'll have to wait for one to get wrecked so he can get it at the right price
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    If you look for parts for a Captur now, you will find lots of not so badly damaged ones offered for parting out in wreckers. It would seem they get written off with minimal damage, as seems usual these days. Surley the yards are now full as there would be little call for the mechanicals. You would be able to get them from the auctions complete but damaged for little money now I would think.

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    Funny isn't it. We always scoured wreckers for mechanical parts but these never wear out nowadays it seems! I remember trotting through wreckers yards with my spanners to pull something or other off an old 4cv. H&S prevents that too....

    For moderns, given labour costs relative to value, it seems to be all about panels and trim. This shows how cheap modern cars are to buy. Anything that has a modest accident when 5 years old is likely to be written off I reckon, if the airbags have gone off.

    Times do change.
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