R8/R10 Phenomenon !!!
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Thread: R8/R10 Phenomenon !!!

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    Default R8/R10 Phenomenon !!!

    All the Renault R8s an R10s I have worked on over the years I have never seen the anti-rattle surrounds for the push button on the door open knob for the outside. They are shown in the parts book, but have not been available, and normally told "not in stock".

    Well I have just stripped a UK door to re-build, and sure enough there it was, still in tact.


    Meca Parts show the rubber rings in their parts book picture, but have not had for many years, if ever !!!


    Handle is rubbish but it has the ring .......

    Ray geckoeng

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    :p I'm glad you are excited by the ring.

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    An ex club member who was an engineer made some out of the clear liner of coke cola bottle caps. I never tried, but his seemed to work. Maybe 59Floride could mould some out of silicon out of your sample. I’d be up for two sets if you do.

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    Had a look at Ray's photo and I am surprised by the thickness of it. I've had a go at it myself and used clear heatshrink. Stripped the mechanism and shrunk it onto the button only to cut it off again because it didn't go in. Heatshrink is very thin and didn't fit my handles, which makes me think of a different supplier over the years.

    I know of 3 different types that was used. One type is solid and heavy cast ones, the other was cast as well but the inner of the part where your hand fit was a bit hollow and then you had the stainless steel pressed ones. Still looking for the Stainless ones to save a few grams on the race car .

    Regards, Frans.
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    Early R8s had the pressed SS handles and no seal on the button. They are much nicer than pitted diecast ones.

    Those seals used on later cars are available as a kit of 5 (4 doors plus the later type engine bay lid button). Last time I looked, Mecaparts had them in stock. Maybe it was a long time since I looked Ray!! I might have one in the cupboard - must have a look.

    Unless the button is lubricated (talc, silicone spray?) the seal disappears the first time you press the button. It isn't lost, just inside the door, still on the button having popped off the handle due to sliding friction.... I KNOW this for a fact and have at least two inside one of my doors!

    They are listed at Bretagne Auto Retro BTW. Euro 30 for a kit including the gaskets for the mounting of the handles.



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