Classics enhance new Megane RS.
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Thread: Classics enhance new Megane RS.

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    Default Classics enhance new Megane RS.


    Me, Ross and Myles attended the launch of the new Megane RS last night. The Dealer Principal is a keen car enthusiast and like an adult with ADHD. Very energetic and flatout all day long!

    We where asked to display our classics among the entrance path where the invitees could have a look at them before arriving at the RS. It was a good night and a first for me. Plenty to eat, Meganes to sit in, engines to look at etc. Something I noticed is that this new Megane does not have plastic covers over the engine. When you open it up the engine is visible although still a billion small tubes and pipes going everywhere.

    I've also had a spin in the Twizzy. What a weird little thing with the sound of a slot car singing in your ears. I got it up to 55 km/h and it feels much faster with the open sides right at your shoulders. The passenger sits behind you straddled over the center piece like a horse. Ladies with dresses will have problems being decent there at the back because you'll be able to see the whole promised land.

    A few photos to look at and I noticed that, typical me, not one of the Meganes. Only old Classics!! Shows the age I think?


    Regards, Frans.
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    Oh that Laguna.

    That really is the car of my childhood. I remember having a toy model of that thing, I'm in the wrong Reno!
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    Cant wait for a RS Twizzy


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    Hi Frans
    Lucky dog ! You are benefiting from your hard work etc. Looks like a fun night. Thanks for the pics

    Jo the Twizzy will never get to OZ as the bureaucracy here will have a hundred, no a thousand, reasons why it is unsafe for OZ. Are we just stupid or what ?
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