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Thread: Bit more on BARNIE

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    Default Bit more on BARNIE

    Looks like the photos are very small, sorry guys, best I can do. I shrank them to under 100K as the site asked me to.

    So the report below is in .odt format and it wont take it as an Attachment so here goes the long winded version, paste and copy:

    BARNIE'S Restoration Story - Part 2

    Welcome to my Part 2 of the continuing story of 'BARNIE's Restoration Story'
    I can't believe I have left this over a year to compose but the last 12 months have flown by like wild fire.

    Just at the time of writing this up (January 2019) I'm experiencing health issues that have been a hindrance through out the year but hopefully it will be onward and upward from here thanks to great friends that are willing to see my vision come to reality.

    I was so privileged to have Kim Slattery and Hugh Betteridge drop by on a long extended Australian holiday and spend a few days in Adelaide. Kim and Hugh were all ready chomping at the bit to install the engine so we did just that. Bit tricky but in it went and looks great sitting in there.


    So going through the list of achievements since last report Iíve managed to get the following completed:

    • Radiator hoses/thermostat replacement including (Under car Front to Rear).
    • Re-install petrol tank with new electrical GOSS fuel pump.
    • Reinstall Radiator and connections.
    • Fit up Battery box and re-make Positive and Negative battery cables and connections.
    • Paint boot/trunk area.
    • Wrap wiring harness engine area.
    • Wrap wiring harness front boot/trunk area.
    • Clutch cable and Hand Brake cable clean up and adjustment.
    • Grease front peddle shaft.
    • Front and back Windscreens removed and replaced after new seals fitted and after rust removal and paint.
    • All doors now removed and had rust removal, rust converter, primer and paint.
    • Completion of inside cabin floor rust removal, rust converter, primer and paint.
    • Rear body trim replacement.
    • Dashboard clean-up and replacement new and used gauges fitted.
    • Checked out dashboard wiring, rewired and reconnected. Multimeter checked.
    • Fitted flywheel and clutch assembly to Engine.
    • Final wrap engine and rear panel wiring loom.
    • Re-fit Engine and accessories to car body.
    • Carried out Engine Oil replacement.
    • Radiator and Engine Coolant replaced.
    • G/box oil replaced.
    • Greased all grease nipples.
    • Re-installed rear guards.
    • Re-installed door rubbers and door closer springs front and back.
    • Front windscreen wiper arms and rubbers installed.

    We had a coffee and cake morning to celebrate the first start up about 8 weeks ago.
    Didn't quite go to plan!! but the coffee and cake went down real well.
    A hidden high resistance EARTH from the inner left guard to the chassis rail prevented the flow of electrons in any reasonable amounts to turn that starter motor over. So BARNIE now has three beautiful new large EARTH leads cleaned and bolted to the earthing points.

    Had some serious problems with wheel alignment!! seems that when the right wheel was appearing straight ahead the left wheel pointed toward the centre of the car by a few degrees. Further investigation revealed the front left stub axle had a bent control arm and the right inner wheel bearing was also stuffed. The best sight in the world was my mate Dave Hicks walking down my driveway with a left and right stub axle assembly in each hand which included 2 almost brand new discs. Friends like this are gold.

    So as of today, 13th Jan 2019, I believe I'm ready to connect up my new battery and press the start button for just a second or two to see if the starter will now engage fully. Following this outcome BARNIE will soon undergo a real fully fuelled start just 15 months late but who's counting!!

    THINGS LEFT TO DO as at 13th January 2019

    Carry out Engine start up and run in Camshaft. (2500 Ė 3000 RPM x 25 minutes)
    Drive around block to see if G/Box selects successfully using engine power !

    Replace drivers and passengers seats including seat belts (Front only).

    Re-install Front guards.
    Re-install all doors.

    Install Driver door arm rest.
    Re-install front bonnet.
    Install rear panel and wrap wiring loom.
    Install rear Engine cover.
    Install new steering wheel and plastic steering wheel cowling surrounds.
    Re-install wide wheels with new tyres (175x65x14) Tyres ??(Size undecided at this point)!

    Rework the front light/number plate panel and underneath tyre cover area, carry out panel beating, rust removal, rust converter, primer and paint.
    Install headlights and blinkers in front panel.
    Carry out Roof rust removal, rust converter, prime and paint.

    Get rego sorted at SA Service Centre. (Historic Rego - CAF Club).

    • Finally, get myself through my health issues ASAP to complete the above tasks.

    Cheers all
    Phil ('aussiefrogs' identity Ė R8philSA)
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    Sounds like exiting times ahead Phil.

    Bust most important of all is your health, so all the best on that front!


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    I know how health problems can interfere with a project keep well.

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    Great progress Phil! Hopefully the R8 is good therapy for you as well.

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    Excellent to hear Phil. I'll echo the "look after yourself" comments!

    Can you please PM me David Hicks' phone number as it might work better than his email seems to!!

    This running-in of camshafts (and of course cam followers) only appeared in my life a few years ago (I've never had a problem, but I've never had a new camshaft either!) and it seems quite important! Geckoeng swears by STP as a startup lubricant for cams BTW. As he's built hundreds of engines to my few...….


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