R8/10 Heater Hose Bypass
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Thread: R8/10 Heater Hose Bypass

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    Default R8/10 Heater Hose Bypass

    Hi All

    i noticed the other day that the blank-off caps I placed over the heater inlet and outlet points on the water pump has started to develop some minor cracking in the rubber.

    so I read somewhere the best thing to do (as I am not running a heater) was to fit a bypass hose.

    With some dimensions I headed off the the local Supercheap Auto to see if I could find a suitable hose to use.

    Anyway found a suitable hose ( From a falcon I think CH1623 Mackay) and after trimming it to the right size needed fitted it with no problems at all.

    the retofit only took 20mins.

    Just thought to share this in case anyone else need to do it.



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    Ps. I don't know why the images are not coming up anymore??
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    Not sure of the system on a R8/R10, but on the R12 the heater takes the hot coolant from the top hose (i.e. just before the thermostat) and returns into the water pump near the bottom hose. Might be different on the R8/R10 etc.

    I always subscribed to the theory that one shouldn't bypass the heater and if you don't want the heater then use blanks.
    The bypass just pumps hot coolant straight back into the motor without passing through the radiator so compromises the cooling ability of the radiator and cooling system. It's okay in an emergency if the heater or heater hoses spring a leak but not long term.
    No much of a problem in the cooler climates but on a stinking hot day one needs the cooling system to on the top of it's game.

    The system on the R8/R10 might be different so might not be a problem and if the return pipe goes into the system before the radiator it would be okay (Assume the cooling system starts at the pump).
    I realise that most circa 50 year old Renaults aren't daily drivers and aren't subjected to bumper to bumper traffic where the cooling system struggles.

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