Fitting a 4 speed 10 box to a 4CV
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Thread: Fitting a 4 speed 10 box to a 4CV

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    Default Fitting a 4 speed 10 box to a 4CV

    I think we have hi jacked the other thread too much so a new thread is in order.

    Bruces 4 cv has an 1/8th inch adaptor plate. The 4 speed 10 box allows more comfortable cruising at say 100 KPH than the original box which really should be about 80KPH. It also has syncro on 1st gear. The Dauphine Gordine 4 speed and the Dauphine style 4 speed ( I have forgotten their number.) used in the early R8 and Floride S may have different gear or diff ratios that are suitable and would usually fit the cross member without much modification to the box. I could look tomorrow as my books are not handy now. His 10 box did not provide any negative camber in fact we found some rear springs shorter by about a cm and there was still no neg camber. Perhaps when it is back on the road it may settle down a bit and have some neg camber. Neg camber is caused by shorter springs or not cutting into the gearbox too far or at all. But building up a support base on top of the gearbox would give neg camber. But the R10 box splits so allowance should be made in case repairs are required in the future.
    Our fix would require an angle grinder.


    Also you need to realise that the engine in a 4 cv does not sit in the centre of the car but is ? mm off centre. Ours was not the factory offset of ? mm but was 7mm I think. Perhaps the 7mm is factory and ours was 15mm. Bob will know the factory offset, but I have forgotten even though it was done in July. But I do know it was double the factory figure. If you do not get the offset right then the car will crab slightly. In fact on Bruces with the engine centred at the rear had a different wheel base measurement of 1 1/4 inch from one side to the other. The cross member on a 4cv has the gearbox offset and the engine mounts at the rear offset. We had a home made cross member at the rear to allow easier mounting of the track roads so the centres are in line with the trunion bearings and we could mount the engine mounts at the new offset distance. We couldn't discover where the difference in offset came from but it certainly did.

    I have looked for photos and I don't have any of the gearbox but I do have fitting for track rods. I'll see if Bruce can find his photos.
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    Thanks for that. I'm getting my tape measure after breakfast!

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