Iíve got the heater core out so I may be able to use a coat hanger from the inside to really give it a jiggle and loosen up the blockage... any other tips?

Ive also bought some new heater hose (on the advice of Ray - thanks mate!) from repco but it just looks too big. It fits on the water pump fine, but the heater core / tap itís loose? should I exchange it for a smaller diameter or is there a sleeve that reduces the diameter to another hose when it comes up to the heater tap?

Iím also going to put some foam on the heater with some silastic when itís bolted up, is there any special gasket goop to buy or will plain sealant work?

Lastly is there any affordable radiator recore people out there? Any links please! Or are there so many is it more of a case of who to avoid?

Any my help tips are much appreciated.

Its definately a job I loathe doing...