Some thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !
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    Default Some thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !

    I was involved in an electric car display at the Newcastle Supercar weekend. I drove some of them to the event and travelled in some others. Here are some thoughts on the very limited driving I did in them.

    Renault ZOE. new and looks smart in Blue. Very similar(same ??) car as my Captur. Good drive, nippy around town, easy to like, and if possible even easier to drive. Instant 'jump' from start and probably keeps on going faster than mine !! Very easy to steer and I guess the electric PS, is good. The ride is a bit bouncy but better then the Captur possibly due to the batteries ! I guess they are under the floor but not taking any room I could see. I charged it overnight from a 10A power point OK. AC worked well too
    I could live with one OK if someone stumped up the $50K, the range of 200-400km would work for us.

    Renault Kangoo. looks good in green and used as a light commercial for eco lawn mowing. Normally fits an electric ride on and mowers etc in the back. We put a full size electric scooter in the back standing, easily enough. It drove well and followed a Tesla up the freeway to Newcastle easily enough. Keeps up with the traffic well and up the hawksberry hills and sufficient power to not be left behind up to the limit. Put on the cruise control and the radio and Bobs your uncle Comfy and easy to drive also. The only down side was the usual empty van noise from the back. Needs some sound matting stuck inside for my liking.
    I could live with one if I had the need. $50-55K range 200-300km would do a days work in the city.

    I drove a Mitsi Outlander PHEV. It was a bit used and had a good load and a trailer with an electric bike. Easy enough to drive and the little man in the black box did all the work with the fancy stuff. It kicked in the motor whenever, mostly not noticed except for the big hills. Seemed to show about 5.9-6.1 L/100ks mostly on the freeway at ~50% eco ! which seemed good to me. A bit of an ordinary thing inside but OK. Had lots of other ways to play with it but I didn't use them. Charged up overnight with 10A plug and drove in 100% eco mode to the display.
    I did a few ks back and fowards on the highway as a passenger in a Tesla. Very impressive !! Worth the money NO. For that I could have a fleet of Frogs !!
    Cheers Jaahn
    PS dammed if I can get some of them on correctly ????
    Some thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !-20181122_092442.jpgSome thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !-20181122_102333.jpgSome thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !-renault-zoe-20181125_070712.jpgSome thoughts on Electric Renaults and others !-renault-zoe-20181125_071044.jpg

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