In past posts, I have tracked the "on again, off again" variations in offering of the EcoContact3 in 175/70-13 (in my judgement the best size for the R12 family on 4.5" rims). Continental has just revamped its website & the EC3 is firmly listed in that size. So, good news for R12/R17 (& so on) owning froggers.

Indeed, that is now the only size listed for the EC3. And that is bad news for froggers with rear-engined Renaults with 4.5x15 wheels (R10S, R8G or a conversion). Thanks to the Smart car, Continental had been offering 155/60-15 in the EC3 but no more. Stocks are no doubt still around &, subject to manufacturing date stamp checking, a swift purchase might be in order.

My next choice for 4.5 x 15" after the, now withdrawn, EC3 would be Kumho's EcoWing ES 01 (KH 27) in 165/65-15 (same circumference as 135/80-15). Mixed test results (see below link & hit the "all tests" tab) but the question is not how good it is compared to others in its class but how good it is compared to other tyres available for these wheels. Apart from being superior (especially in the wet) to various Classic Michelins and to various Nankangs, it is markedly cheaper than the former & more readily available than the latter.


Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27 - Tyre Reviews

cheers! Peter