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Thread: R1135 steering wheel

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    Default R1135 steering wheel

    Hi out there.


    I am wondering as to, is there anyone out there that can help with the name of a company that can repair my steering wheel as to it's original condition. I am well aware that a lot of these repairs have been using a leather cover. I prefer not to, if I can. I have been talking to Dr Google @ have sent the wheel interstate to a couple of companies who suggested they could fix,NFG. My next step is to talk to Renault direct, but am not confident there either. Would like to find out who built the wheels originally, but how or where.
    I await good news. Replacement wheel not an option I believe that they are no longer available overseas, prove me wrong.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hmm, not sure what a 1135 wheel looks like but may be 59 Floride might be a possible help he can make wheels for Floride and Fregate. If it is only cracks that are the issue, fill them with Araldite or other epoxy and paint with black enamel paint. Works well. Perhaps a picture would help.

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    No it is foam on a round steel bar rim. Would have to make a mould made, and strip off all the existing foam and re-inject new foam. "59floride" is the only person with the technology.

    R1135 steering wheel-557551-754-0.jpg
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence fellas but I am so snowed under it will be years before I catch up on current projects.

    Of course rubber moulds can be made for just about anything but the start up cost for a once-off would be in the order of $1000 just for a mould. I'd humbly suggest a simple compromise to a leather sleeve would be the go.

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    About ten years ago here in Perth, I had a custom-made leather cover stitched tightly onto our Citroen CX wheel. The moulded rubber/plastic system was breaking down and the leather covered all sins. It still looks perfect and feels very good - the proviso is finding someone who can do the stitching really well.

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    The steering wheels in the French gordinis were made by Quillery. They also made wheels for other cars as well as aftermarked ones.

    R1135 steering wheel-imageproxy.jpegClick image for larger version. 

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    I put a stitch on leather cover on my R1135 wheel which I sourced from custom steering in the UK. Made to my measurements from fine Italian leather. It has a real nice feel to it not to mention the leather smell. I think it was about AU$50 plus postage. They now have them off the shelf for the R1135 (from my measurements).
    You can get cheap ones from china on eBay for under AU$10 but I expect they would be ill fitting and fake leather.

    R1135 steering wheel-dsc_2326.jpg
    My 1135 wheel before the leather cover.
    R1135 steering wheel-dsc_5976.jpg
    With the leather cover fitted.

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