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    Default Renault Megane Back lights

    Hi Guys,

    The left side back lights (Brake & rear light ) aren't working for my 2012 Renault Megane III?
    I've found the Bulb burnt so I bought a new one and put it on but still not working, the right side works fine but not the left one. the back left side indicators and reversing lights also works only the side & brake lights don't ?
    so any clues or is there a specific fuse that I can check?



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    Possibly the plug connector contacts on the light assembly, if they are similar to the Megane Scenic lamps. Look for a couple of threads on this subject in this Renault forum.

    Edit 2/10/18: Now had time to find previous post. This is the main gist of it. May not be your problem but worth a look:

    ""The bad earth is commonly in the rear light assembly connection, where the six pin plug at the end of the harness plugs in. Very easily accessed in the Scenic from the boot area, no tools required. Removed the back of the light assembly which contains all the rear bulbs in one circuit board. Removed the plug connector (squeeze tab with pliers to remove). On the male earth pin in the circuit board (at one end of the six pins) I found a small build-up of hard "carbon" which I chipped off with a jeweller's screwdriver. This build up was like a grain of sand about 0.5 mm dia only. Then I was able to use a very small jeweller's screwdriver to insert behind the spring connectors in the female wiring plug half and bend them all a little to increase the tension in the connections. A little WD-40 for good measure, and re-assembled. Repeated both sides. Problem fixed.""

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