Enduro Renault Supreme.
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Thread: Enduro Renault Supreme.

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    Default Enduro Renault Supreme.

    Hi All,

    When I bought the 21 Turbo, I joined a British Forum and through them I met Jeff, a long time 21 Turbo owner. During a visit one evening he showed me the car and told me the story behind this specific 21 Enduro. Today I went to Hampton Downs to see it in action.

    Back to the story. This is how it is remembered by me and if some of the detail is slightly wrong then it will still not change the crux of the story. He had this R21 standing in his yard for 5 years and never ran. On moving house he attempted to start the R21 with a charged battery and what do you know, the car started but ran on 21/2 to 3 cylinders.

    Then the 24 Hours of Lemons came into the picture. He decided to do this and each of his staff members will become a team member. So the 21 was pulled into the workshop and got new oil and filters, spark plugs were so bad that 2 electrodes going into the porcelain were rusted off and pulled right out. From there the 3 cylinders on the first start-up. After this treatment the 21 was rearing to go, after all it is a low mileage car (150,000 miles) with plenty of life left in him.

    The first 24 Hour was entered and with some street practicing the staff was ready at the track for the chase and a donor 21 Savannah on a trailor just outside the pits. A lot was to learn but those issues's solutions comes with actual experience. First and only issues encountered with the first 24 Hour was brakes. Overheating, wearing etc. was the main thing and if there was a pad change needed with a pitstop then most of the time waisted was the wait for the pads, rotors and calipers to cool down. However, the R21 flipped the first 24 hours over its shoulder and was ready for more.

    One staff member designed and built a nice holder that bolts onto the shock mounting so that it moves with the steering of the wheel. A piece of flexible PVC garden pipe was clamped to it and the other end was mounted through holes in the front spoiler as a cooling duct. The 21 was ready for it's 2nd 24 Hour of Lemons!!

    So the second 24 Hour was entered and with a huge improvement in the brakes it encountered it second problem during the race. The battery went flat and that during the night, no quick fixes here because the lights do draw a lot from a battery. It got back to the pits and after a quick look the donor 21 Savannah justified it's presence on the trailer because the tensioner bolt was missing. With a tensioned belt and a charging battery the 2nd 24 Hour of Lemons were done and dusted.

    Well, today was the start of it's 3rd 24 hour of Lemons. That is going for it's 72 hours flatout. I spent some time watching and taking some photos and witnessed a pad change. I left after 5 or 6 hours with the 21 keeping a 318 BMW and a 3.8 Holden honest!!

    I don't have the words to describe this achievement other than just "this car is just out of this world". Enjoy a few photos of him in his French mustache outfit. The team is called the "French Fries" There might be some other photos of competitors as well.

    Some Baguettes M'sieur?

    The clever duct holder that moves with the steering action and keeps the cold air on the rotor.

    Pad change under way.

    The donor car.

    A few of the opposition.


    I guess a gearbox change isn't much for a 24 hour.

    Or a quick head change.

    Or an engine swap. The focus was out but yes it is the crank you see in the corner.

    And this is what fell out.

    I hope you've enjoyed it. I have just shaken my head in disbelieve again.

    Regards, Frans.
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    Those events look fantastic. what a great time they are all having.

    Thanks for the post Frans, that was a great read

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    I haven't spoken to Jeff yet, might still be asleep after the weekend but I noticed in FB the happy faces and photo atthe end of it all. With that info I am almost 100% sure that they have nailed the 3rd 24 hour race as well.

    I stood there on Saturday for a long time spectating and then returning to the pit and went out watching again and then realising that I've been there a few hours, 3 or 4, which leaves another 20 to go. Do you realise how long it actually is?

    This has made a huge impression on me and congratulations to all those guys that attempted it.

    Regards, Frans
    Old enough to know better
    Young enough to do it anyway.

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    There was one of these events in WA (Collie Motorplex) last weekend
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