Wilkes Renault Pty Ltd (info required)
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    Quote Originally Posted by vivid
    I've made a copy of this post from the "Renault in Australia' sticky to give more exposure for Mataloko.
    I realise that this thread has been inactive for quite a while. However, thought I would try my luck with a question. I live in Launceston, and am selling a block of land. However, the Launceston City Council has told me that I need to have an Environmental Site Assessment conducted, owing to possible contamination from an engine works. This engine works they identified as being a company called Wilkes Renault Pty Ltd situated at 15 Percy Street, Launceston - they have given no indication of the years when the company operated. Despite extensive searching, I can find no evidence that Wilkes Renault ever existed. I have contacted the current Renault dealer in Launceston, Neil Buckby Motors, but they can shed no light on a Wilkes Renault. As there is obviouusly a lot of knowledge of Renault in Australia on this forum, I wonder whether anyone might be able to help with information.

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