Hi All,

Hopefully this one will go through the system. I am attaching some more pics of my R8 along with some details.
This is what I Have been told:

R 12 motor with Cosworth AZ 25/65 cam: Head ground: mains, gudgeons, big ends rings and timing chain; R16 gearset, crownwheel and pinion, R10 housing relieved to allow fit, side plate on gearbox shortened axle housing to maintain track R12 1.4l clutch.

This was done more than 10 years ago and we have not used it much since we bought it.

I can say it is on Cosmic mags with low budget tyres, has a side draft DCOE 45 carby that needs a little more fine tuning and a new windscreen as I used it for some low level regularity events. Once on drag strip, 21 secs @ 107 kmh

My R8-p1030096.jpgMy R8-p1030097.jpgMy R8-p1030099.jpgMy R8-p1030103.jpgMy R8-p1030101.jpgMy R8-p1030098.jpg


non standard R10 copy dash