Clio Sport 172 Phase 1 idle control
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    Default Clio Sport 172 Phase 1 idle control

    Bonjour gentlemen of the Renault brains trust.

    My son has acquired a Clio Sport Cup 172 phase 1. we have been sorting some issues.
    After becoming familiar with this car's foibles ( we have a family history of Citroen so "quirky" is a known character around here )

    The engine idle speed is erratic, too high at cold start ( with some hunting suggesting a mixture problem ) and it idles even higher when at running temp... > 1500 revs ... It is the earlier variety with a throttle cable ie not drive by wire.
    New gaskets for the upper intake tree and throttle body face are in process.


    Are there any other clues ?

    There is a black VDO branded additional air control electronic valve device between the intake manifold and the air cleaner. It may be malfunctioning as the previous owner supplied a second ... but of unknown viability. Is there any simple way other than substitution that we can test that valve thingy ? Both of them have little or no restriction either way when unplugged and at room temperature. I am not about to suck it when at running temp !!!!!! The connecting pipe between the black VDO valve and the air cleaner flex has been restricted but not plugged or completely blanked off in the past ... suggesting someone else has had the problem and not sorted it correctly. A second unmolested connecting pipe was also supplied.

    It has been a delightful bit of machinery in its past, now suffering a lifetime of "boy racer care ".
    Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.... may your lozenges not go sticky !

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    Have you checked the top dead centre sensor?

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    I thought erratic cold idle was symptomatic of that era from new. I seem to recall a lot of owners with std cars going back to renault on this?

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    Fritz, it's probably worth cleaning that device with petrol or carb cleaner then lubricating it with something like silicone spray. That works on many of these. In fact, I'm about to do it on my wife's Mondeo which, at 100,000km, has just started to to the same thing and the Fraud dealer can't find a problem.

    (Acknowledging it might be a generic fault on the Clio as mentioned above).

    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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    Have had a similar issue with mine. Is reducing with various works though. Major one was discovering the (charcoal?) canister behind the front RHS bumper corner (plumbed up to the intake) was disconnected!
    Have also replaced the throttle cable (was sticky) - and am about to swap the throttle body with a cleaned and lubricated one to (hopefully) eliminate the last remaining slight hesitation/wobble in dropping to a proper idle speed. Is good enough now that this last has become a low priority job. :-)
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