Historic Renault Dauphine Racing in ZA.
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Thread: Historic Renault Dauphine Racing in ZA.

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    Default Historic Renault Dauphine Racing in ZA.

    Hi All,

    I have just come across some more interesting stories from Renaults in South Africa. These stories is during the times when I was just a youngster and the name Renault wasnít a household name inside my head yet.

    This is a story about 2 guys that puttered along on their own and made an impression on some of South Africaís tracks. First name is John Meyers. He was also the guy that built the Protea, a home built car that impressed very much for a very short 2 years before taxes forced the shop to close when it became hugely expensive at the Customs for imports and exports. All these things happened such a long time ago that it must be seen as a pioneering stage in car modifications. The Protea can be researched on the Net.

    The second name is Angelo Pera. He was the guy that made so many Delta Mics copies in ZA and called it AMW (Angeloís Motor Works). He also cast a crossflow head a-la-Gordini that fits onto a Dauphine block. I have seen and know the whereabouts of one of these heads. During my early school years, 1959, my racing visits started with my dad. He was a keen biker and those days the bikes and cars raced on the same day so the car races was included in our visits. So, when Kyalami opened in 1961 we were there as well. On the old 9mm home movies I have an action shot of Angelo losing it on Crowthorne corner with his Fiat 500, the Topolino, with a 3 cylinder DKW engine in it. He climbed the embankment in front of us on 2 wheels, the suicide door on the right hand flying open, correcting it, negotiating a route back on track, closing the door and carried on losing very little time, if any.

    That is my knowledge of these 2 guys. The fact that they worked together wasnít known to me, Iím not sure if Ray (Geckoeng) might know more about them. All this happened so long ago that the people who has witnessed them and their doings and screwings are getting on the thinner side of time and life.

    I have come across this article of the two and I was surprised that both of them are still alive and in their 90s. The article is very recent. Hopefully you can read the article because it was quite a process getting it out and making it a readable size.


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    Ray's going to love this. Nice read Frans, Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoji View Post
    Ray's going to love this. Nice read Frans, Thanks.
    So true! Thanks from me too.

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    Yes Ray likes it very much. !!!

    I remember going to Grand Central race track with my Dad in '56 and '57, before we went to Rhodesia mid '57. Unfortunately it was just a good fun day out as I was only 6 and 7 at the time. I did have a look through some of my Dad's pictures that remain, but could not find the Fiat at all. But the Dauphine I do remember seeing at Kyalami a good few years later when visiting Jo'burg and Kyalami for the Autumn Trophy, before continuing to Durban for our annual leave.

    My Mom was driving a Daupine at the time, and we were most impressed with the rate this beast circulated the track, and past so many "good " cars.

    Later when living in Jo'burg, I used to visit Angelo at AMW wheels, he was going to help me make a set of 13x5 wheels for my R4, but we never got the 135 PCD right to work on the R12 center for front wheel drive. But he did show me how to fit older R8/10 centers into 6j Lotus Cortina rims being made by Ruberone at the time in ZA.

    Thank you Frans, brings back good memories, real good times.


    PS: Getting a Daupine front wheel off the ground cornering is a great feeling ...... !!!!

    Historic Renault Dauphine Racing in ZA.-nice-dauphine-wheel-up.jpg
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    Ray geckoeng

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