Bought a Mégane GT
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    Default Bought a Mégane GT

    Howdy fellow froggers

    Just bought a demo 2016 Megane GT to replace my Wife’s Citroen C5.

    This will occupy garage space with RS275 Trophy and son’s 2012 Mégane Dynamique. We are a three Mégane family.

    First impressions of the GT: lovely drive.

    Feels substantial in the structure, quite heavy actually for its size at 1.4 tonne. Lovely cabin and Smooth and relatively quiet except for the tyres! The particular continental tyres on it are known for generating a bit of road rumble and this rolling buzziness and harshness. Can’t wait to replace them with some Michelins.

    Dual clutch transmission mostly smooth, has the occasional jerky down shift change but I guess that’s par the course with dual clutchers.

    Engine peppy but could do with more lower end torque. Sport mode livens response but holds gears too long for my liking. Picks up from about 3500 rpm and gets moving well enough. Switchable Exhaust note is fabricated but sounds good (without it switched on, engine sounds buzzy and ordinary for my liking).

    Steering and handling sharp (not RS275 sharp though!) and great fun. Ride firm without harshness and is lovely.

    Fuel consumption is around 9.7 litres per 100km in stop start city driving (what are others getting)?

    i do hate the brakes however. Very grabby and not progressive for my liking (heard a rumour that these have kinetic energy capture?) and have an issue with brake squeal however and it’s going back to the dealer next week to get checked. Do others have an issue with this?

    A question I have I have is how are these 1.6 litre turbo engines holding out in Clio rs models? I hear this is the same engine as the Nissan MR166DDT, which in various models have had timing chain related engine failures.

    Certainly interested in reading impressions from other owners.


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    Seems like the GT is the choice in the range - nice pickup !

    Is the brake squeak simply related to the pads ? The front pads in my 265 are quite squeaky, but the Ferodo DS performance pads I put in the R26 are as quiet as a mouse.


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    Nice review! Would like a blue GT wagon myself.

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    somewhere! Pilbara, Bowen Basin, Melbourne?


    Surprised there's no Clio ll Sport in the garage.
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