New engine for fuego. nooooooooooooo
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    Icon11 New engine for fuego. nooooooooooooo

    Well i posted before saying that i had managed to to destroy a cylender on my fuego engine and that i was going to get a r25 engine put in for under 2g.
    It was all going well untill the mechanic rang back with his final quote. $2200 just for all of the mechanical work and then atleast $550 to do the electrical. So because i am not made of money that did not ga ahead and i got another good quality fuego engine put in for under $800 including the engine labour and new seals that should be changed.

    The reason for the r25 blow out is that alot of things had to be moved in the engine bay because the motor may be the same shape but different things were connected at different places. Also for the EFI i had to get another fuel tank from another car that could handle the EFI and fit a pump next to it. ect ect ect the list goes on.

    But i have my baby back now and with the newish engine the car seems to accelerate better than before.


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    Glad you have got your car back on the road! I still reckon that was the smartest (and quickest) route to travel in the circumstances, and the cheapest short of doing the work yourself.

    Good luck and happy motoring!!


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