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Thread: Is this Legitimate?

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    Default Is this Legitimate?

    Gday Renault World!

    Gents. My addiction and obsession with french cars is going deep. Ive never owned a Renault, only Pugs and its so far.

    This car he been on gumtree for a while an Im wondering is it real? Were these cars sold new here?

    This must be a gem of a car surely?

    Anyone had any experience with them over here? Its very tempting to add to the collection...


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    Can't comment on the car, but I have been to that dealership window shopping, he specializes in older cars, often has older Euro/American iron and some oddball stuff. If you have a look at the address is Google Streetview, there is old US tank out front.
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    The previous long term owner of that car is in the RCCA. If you are really serious, I could probably put you in touch.
    They were never sold new here, so any here would be would be private imports. The was rumour of a couple brought out for evaluation by Renault but they are usually returned or destroyed due to tax and registerability purposes.

    My friend owned quite a number of them over the years (probably 5-6). I bought a pale blue one off him that the picture appears in the header here from time to time. This one is quite an early model and he did a full resto on it probably about 15-20 years ago. It has the smaller engine (956 from memory).

    At the time he was selling it in NSW, you could have bought it for less than 3k so I would offer a much lower price than the current ticket. He also seems to have had it quite a while.

    The only issue I am aware of when my friend owned it was that the interior was mould affected at one stage so check that out closely. Of course it has probably been addressed by now.

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    in 1996 my then-wife and our 12 yo son and me spent
    7 months in Europe with an early R5 just like this, covering
    about 10,000 miles in a RHD one bought in England for 250 quid.
    it needed a new clutch before we set off, that was another 250,
    they are a bugger to do, the engine being north-south behind the
    transaxle, like an R16. anyway, we loved that car, avoided the motorways
    and autobahns etc as much as possible, it was great on the backroads of
    Greece, where we spent most of our time, slow but thrashable, economical,
    reliable, and easy to push start (when a hidden battery fuse went awol on a ferry).
    the price for this nice white one is hardly fair though...
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    Looks nice. If the condition is good (and KB has given you the opportunity to check condition and its history out), it worth what someone will pay.

    It is an orphan of course, but I imagine there are ways of getting the R5-specific things (I wonder how the rear suspension components behave, for example). Body and trim would be the issues I'd be most interested in verifying as they might be the hardest to fix or find replacements for.

    I reckon the price is reasonable for a rare car that might be very nice to have and use. Renault did with the R5 what BMC never did with the class-defining Mini, that is they progressively developed it over the years and probably made a profit (BMC did neither). It's that awkward age of "old but not yet regarded as interesting" I reckon. In Oz, they are so rare that few people would find it interesting though.

    If it checks out and you've got the money, why not? Of course you can buy a much newer Renault for the same money - a ten-year old Megane for example - but that is hardly the point in my mind. I'd love it.
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    I have two.
    That one should be 956cc Sierra engine. I note that it has a floor change rather than the through the dashboard type. The bushes on the floor change will rapidly rot out. I have spares.
    The gear box runs a final drive of 4.125:1. You will be pulling 4000rpm at 100 km/hr. So think before putting a 1289cc motor in it.

    They have a reputation for rust so check everywhere for rust especially the rear foot wells, also front and rear panels,sills, everything.

    Still, they are a delight to drive with equal parts of character and body roll.
    Parts are generally obtainable.

    The asking price is more than shannons will agree to insure mine.

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    Hi Cam

    I owned an R5 for a while (an "LS") from memory.
    Also owned R4s, R16TS and of course, many Citroens.

    My view is that it is a "nice" car, but nothing particularly special.
    And, yes, the price is steep, especially if it needs work.

    You will find more exciting cars (even an up-spec'd R5).
    I took mine on quite a long trip, I'd suggest "practical" over inspirational.

    Once upon a time:

    Many R4s (incl. fourgonnette), R5LS, R16TS.

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    And now:

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    Gee when lI lived in London in '74 they were the trendiest little car !
    '04 Megane
    Gone but not forgotten
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